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10 years of plankton photography at Sorpe Reservoir

On this website you will find a representative collection of micrographs, which were photographed between 2000 and 2012 at the Ecological Field Station at YH Sorpesee. For navigating please use the index. To avoid extensive loading times the pictures are sized to 800 x 600 px. Videos are saved as provided by the camera, usually in Quicktime format (*.MOV). You need an appropriate player, we recommend the universal open source player VLC, suitable for all operating systems and free of cost. Of course you can also use Apple's Quicktime-Player.

Most pictures are photographed with a Nikon Coolpix 995 on a Biolam microscope, or, in most cases, on an Leitz Dialux.

Accuracy of determination is not guaranteed. Many forms are difficult to distinguish by means of light microscopy. It will not be surprising, if one or another wrong determination occurs.I want to thank Dr. M. Noll, who checked sime determinations.
The contents of this website are available on CD, together with the original resolution files (which lack in the internet). Mail to the shop of the Ecological Field Station (use the contact sheet).
Please send critics and suggestions for improvement to the station or

Ökologische Station in der Jugendherberge Sorpesee, Am Sorpesee 7, 59846 Sundern, Germany

If these images are not enough: have a look into the picture database of AlgaTerra of Botanical Garden and Museum Berlin (FU Berlin) or the picture collection of the Saxonian Reservoir Authority.

Informations on the station, courses and sojourns of school classes you will find on our website.

All contents of this CD or website are covered by the Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC 3.0. The indication of authors is (if not mentioned differently) "Ökologische Station in der Jugendherberge Sorpesee, Sundern".

Sundern, january 2012
Richard Müller